Free Resources

These white papers, articles and blog entries focus upon the most popular subjects related to accounting practice business development.  They are organized by topic, and links are provided to those you wish to view.  They are unique content owned by cpaprofotplus and may not be sold or otherwise distributed to secondary users without prior written permission.

1.     Personal Marketing

White paper – Personal Marketing is the most effective means to add the most desirable prospects to your practice.  How To Do It is explained and illustrated with examples.

2.    Client Retention

White paper – Client Retention is looked at from several viewpoints accompanied with a breakdown of the most effective best practices.

3.    Creating an Effective Elevator Speech

A blog posting from 2011 explaining a simple yet very effective formula to create your own 20 – 30 second elevator speech.

4.    Obtaining Referrals

An article from 2012 that looks at the potential value of various referral sources; identifies the best source and how you can cultivate them to refer premium prospects to your practice.

5.    The “Stickie” Technique (the easiest way to obtain more work from existing clients)

An article from 2012 that describes how the humble 3M Post-It note can quickly generate more revenue from your present practice.

6.    The Four “Musts” for Business Development Success

An updated blog posting from 2011 that identifies and discusses the four pillars that every successful business development effort rests upon.   If even one is absent the odds are you won’t win the client.