ProfitCents Subscriber?

Marketing for accountants who subscribe to ProfitCents is an easier task because the software – when used as described in the manual – is an incredibly powerful tool to create differentiation between you and other, non-subscribing accountants.  This special version of Accounting Practice Builder teaches you how to use this advantage to maximum effect.

Following a two year collaborative effort with the consulting and customer support team at Sageworks, this adapted version of the method was made available to subscribers in August 2012. We are proud to say that all phases of the pre-release testing regimen have been successful.

It incorporates the business development best practices subscribers have found are effective for leveraging the power of the software to attract new clients to their accounting practices. The contents address both the challenge of finding desirable prospects for your practice and then, how to convert these individuals from prospects into clients.  These effective CPA marketing tips are now available to all subscribers.

The manual presents this information in an easily understood, practical, how-to format that is optimized for the real world you practice in. Crucially, the methods and techniques are offered with options so that you can adapt them to your individual interpersonal style.

Whether you are quiet and retiring, loud and outgoing or somewhere in between, you will be effective implementing this proven business development method.

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