Accounting Practice Builder Instruction Manual for ProfitCents Subscribers

Accounting Practice Builder and ProfitCents® Will Transform Your Accounting Marketing Efforts!

•           More Revenue – Higher Margins
•           More Higher Quality “A” Level Clients
•           More Billable Hours For Advising and Consulting and Less For Preparing
•           More High Quality Referrals

Fact:   Most accountants lose hundreds of thousands of dollars in career earnings by not understanding the secrets of business development.

This groundbreaking methodology is your ticket to a more profitable practice … even in today’s economic uncertainty.

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Dear ProfitCents subscriber:

Sageworks, the developers of ProfitCents, has collaborated with Craig Weeks to create an incredibly powerful business development method that is specifically optimized for accounting practices which subscribe to ProfitCents software.

We formed this joint effort because it combines what Sageworks consultants have learned working with literally thousands of ProfitCents’ subscribers and Craig’s 12+ years of experience teaching hundreds of accountants and accounting firms how to become more successful in obtaining more of the most desirable clients for their practices.

It teaches you how to improve your business development skills while still maintaining your individual interpersonal style.  This means you can be successful and still be “you.”  Laid back or aggressive … it adapts to your style.

So here’s the question:  Do you want an average practice … or a great practice?

To build your great practice, there’s only one skill you absolutely must master.  No ifs, and, or buts about it.

Stating it bluntly, you must learn how to sell.

But, that doesn’t mean having to cold call complete strangers or be an aggressive in-your-face salesperson.   

Instead, we’re talking about how you as a practicing accountant can generate prospects and then, when one appears, proceed with the highest probability of turning them into a client.

This seemingly simple act of “selling” is the biggest single challenge faced by 90+% of all accountants aspiring to build their great practice… those you consider the most desirable. 

“To become a partner, I was told I needed to significantly increase the size of my book of business.  And, I’ve never considered myself to be a salesperson.  I’m pleased to say that with the techniques revealed in Accounting Practice Builder I added over $150,000 in profitable revenue in one year!  Oh, and I was named a partner on August 31st!”

 Heidi Link, Partner – Calegari & Morris, San Francisco, CA

Going from a good to great business developer on your own, which only a few master, is not easy.  The situation has been made worse by the longstanding absence of a proven, user-friendly method to help you overcome the accounting marketing challenge.

Until now.

The bottom line is that this method works for our clients and it will work for you!

Click here to view the offer and 100% guarantee
Click here to read excerpts from the manual
Click here to review frequently asked questions

I invite you to contact me directly if you have any questions about the method or manual.

To your success,

Craig Weeks – Accounting Practice Builder

The Sageworks Consulting Team