Accounting Practice Builder Resource Manual

The Resource Manual expands and supplements the Instruction Manuals.   Its material is specifically related to marketing accounting services.

The Resource Manual’s content is adjusted periodically as I insert elements from my expanding library of accounting marketing and business development blogs, newsletter and white papers.

When the learner has applied themselves and grasped the contents of the Instruction Manual they may wish to explore other aspects of a given topic or get a little deeper into some aspects of the method.

The Resource Manual is organized so the reader can quickly focus upon a specific area within the method.  For example, if they wish to read more about the closing phase, a glance at the index quickly gets them to the right place.

The contents provide a more detailed and nuanced extension of the basic course’s subject matter.

Many students find that the optimum approach to learn the CPA & Accounting Practice Builder method is to:

a)         work through the manual and acquire a working understanding of the material;
b)         approach a few smaller existing clients to practice their newly-formed skills;
c)         assess what worked and what didn’t in the b) phase;
d)         revisit those areas of the method that need to be executed more skillfully and/or;
e)         look for techniques and tips in the Resource Manual to augment the  learner’s skill set, and finally;
f)         approach a few more of their present clients and if that goes well then take off the training wheels.

At this point the learner can successfully begin their personal marketing campaign to attract new prospective clients.

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