Business Development Teaching Bundle

The Teaching Bundle empowers your firm to bring marketing for accountants and business development training in house.

Teach Business Development Skills to All Your Professional Staff While Saving Thousands of Dollars

•           Dramatic cost savings
•           On-site training means fewer hours of lost productivity
•           Eliminate seminar and related travel expenses
•           Training can be easily personalized and adjusted for each learner
•           Foster a marketing-centric culture and enjoy uncommon financial success
•           “Train the Trainer” is available from CPA & Accounting Practice Builder
•           Ongoing support is available either in person or via Skype

Bringing accounting marketing and business development training in house offers many advantages to firm management.  Aside from the cost savings, it allows complete flexibility in creating individualized plans for students of every level, whether a total novice or a partner seeking to brush up their skills.

Each student can learn at his or her own pace and experience has shown that the difference between learners can be dramatic … some “get it” right away; others take longer.  By controlling the process, the firm can optimize each trainee’s time table.

When all the professional staff are adept at business development the firm’s growth, as well as its ability to attract premium clients, will increase dramatically.  This quickly translates to more revenue, higher margins, greater retention rates, more high quality referrals, fewer write downs and write offs, and higher profits per partner.

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