Services Offered

Marketing for Accountants That Really Works!

1.      Consulting – teaching business development skills

Effective marketing for accountants can be learned.  Armed with these skills you and/or your team can rapidly build revenue, increase margins and begin to obtain more of the most desirable “A” and “B” level clients.  The instruction process can be  accomplished at your location or remotely via Skype or similar visual medium.

A maximum of five attendees can be trained in a group setting.  This is because each attendee requires one-on-one attention to ensure they can  implement the methodology while staying true to their individual interpersonal style.  With a larger group this degree of individual instruction is lost.

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2.      Consulting – advising firm management

Accountancy and other professional service firms can become more productive and profitable when they create and implement effective planning, staffing,  organizational and accountability initiatives.  We can help you isolate and focus upon those proven solutions that will produce positive results for your practice.

Another area of considerable potential value is helping you foster and implement a more marketing centric and client service culture within your firm’s professional and support staff.  Firms achieving this goal almost without  exception become uncommonly financially successful.

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3.      Customized training videos & webinars

Customized videos or webinars can be created for firms wishing to receive training in specific areas, e.g. personal marketing or closing techniques.

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4.      Train the Trainer

Larger firms may wish to acquire the ability to conduct business development training utilizing in house personnel.  We can train the firm’s trainer(s) to  competently accomplish this goal.  For larger firms this is an exceptionally cost effective and convenient means to upgrade the business development skills of  their accounting professionals.  See Item 4. on the Products Page, the Business Development Teaching Bundle.  The two can be combined to create customized instruction to fit your firm’s circumstances.

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5.     One-On-One Support

I have limited first-come-first-served availability to provide a year of support as you learn and apply the Accounting Practice Builder method.  If having me available to provide clarification, answer questions and discuss strategy as you approach real prospects, here’s the opportunity to sign up.  This option gives you my personal email and cell number and my commitment to get back to you within a matter of hours and always within one working day.  The fee is $500 for a calendar year beginning upon the date of purchase.   I limit myself to only three support clients at any one time, so you can’t click to order.  Instead, email me at to check availability and obtain further details.