Train the Trainer

Some firms, especially those with a number of partners and associates, may wish to bring the means to provide business development instruction in house.

By acquiring this capability, a firm can not only save tens of thousands of dollars in external training expenses, it can also rapidly and dramatically enhance the business development capability of its professional staff.   This quickly translates to added billings and quality additions to the firm’s client list.

CPAProfitPlus offers a means to accomplish this with these three components, an online instruction course, an Instructor or Teaching Manual and one-on-one, personalized instruction.

It is strongly recommended the individual chosen to become the firm’s business development instructor take advantage of all three components.  Like skiing or SCUBA diving, these skills are not especially difficult to learn, but achieving success by just reading about them simply doesn’t work.  It is essential for someone knowledgeable to be there during the learning process to answer questions, offer options and explain why and how a particular concept or action step impacts the process.

In particular, the new trainer should equip themselves by:

1)         Taking and passing the CPAProfitPlus business development course offered through CPELink (which mirrors the CPAProfitPlus Instruction Manual) and;

2)         engaging in 10 – 15 one-on-one personal instruction sessions conducted by phone and/or Skype …

            –           some are focused upon ensuring the method is well understood;

            –           others will take place when the instructor is working with their first student

                        where, among other things, they will learn how to use the Teaching Manual.

When completed, these elements will prepare them with the requisite knowledge.

Total cost is typically only about $3000 – $3500.  The variable is how quickly the neophyte instructor picks up the material and can learn to effectively impart it to a student.

If your firm subscribes to ProfitCents, you will receive a specialized version of the training to take advantage of this exceptionally effective business development tool.

Contact Craig directly to discuss your circumstances and goals and determine whether Train the Trainer makes sense for your firm.